This year we celebrate our 50th anniversary of our Church and Greek School.

A message from our Holy Eminence Archbishop Gregorios

“With particular joy and pleasure I extend my best wishes on the occasion of the 50 years anniversary of the Church of The holy Trinity in Brighton. I would like to congratulate all who have contributed their services over the 50 years, both those who have departed and those who are still with us today. All have worked hard and have contributed to the success of the community.

You must all continue to work in a spirit of concord and enthusiasm under the guidance of your priest Archimandrite Germanos Kourkounis and your President Andreas Archontides and the church committee. This will allow you to fulfil purposes for which the community was founded.

I am sure that you will soon be in a position to commence work on your building project for classrooms, accommodation for your priest and other ancillary uses.

I wish you every success with fervent prayers, love and respect in the Lord. I remain yours,”
Our Holy Eminence Gregorios Archbishop of Thyateira and Great Britain

A message from our President, Andreas Archontides,

“I am so proud and honoured to be the President of such an amazing Church and School, I hope to do the title justice. Other presidents before me have laid the way forward. I enjoy the challenge and will work hard to progress and unite our community, together with my Committee I know we can achieve great things for the future. I would like to thank my predecessor Stephen Papadopoulos and his wife Maria for all their hard work and tireless commitment over the many years. I would also like to say a special thank you to our dear Priest Archimandrite Germanos for his contribution and efforts. God bless you all.”

Andreas Archontides, President


Celebrating 50 years of the Greek Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity in Brighton We have many people past and present to thank for where we are today. Our Presidents in order;

  • Zinon Christodoulou, Alethrico
  • George Antoniadis, Kalo Chorio
  • Adamos Christophorou, Avgorou
  • Adamos Mouska, Avgorou
  • Yiannis Stylianou, Thenia
  • Adamos Papadamou, Avgorou
  • Yiannis Stylianou, Thenia
  • Steve Papadopoulos, Lefkara
  • Andreas Archontides, Lemasos (Current)

Our Resident Priests in order;

  • Father Timetheous
  • Father Andreas Ioannides, (Longest serving priest 40 years)
  • Archimindrite Nikodemos
  • Father Julian
  • Father Germanos (Current)

In addition we honour the memory of; Angelo Papadopoulos, Costas Psaras, Marino Tanbaros, Nicos Papanicolaou, Deacon Gregory Atkins and Vassos Christophorou. Father Andreas and Presvidera Anna

So to all of the above named, not forgetting their wives and families we must be thankful and grateful, for without their contribution and commitment we would not have our Church and flourishing Greek School that we now have.

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