On Sunday the 9th of January the Greek Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity, Brighton celebrated the epiphany.  Pater Germanos was accompanied by Pater Nikodemos from the Archdiocese of London, who led the congregation in a proocession to the pier. There, 3 doves were released and the cross was cast into the sea 3 times to symbolise the coming together of the Holy trinity, the revelation of the Holy spirit in the form of a dove and the Baptism of Christ.


Follow our Easter Services (commencing on Monday 26th April) on the following live link:



The Complete Programme of Services for Easter Week is as follows:

Wednesday 28th April: Holy Wednesday Service from 5 pm

Thursday 29th April: Esperinos @ 9:15 am

Thursday 29th April: Service of the Last Supper from 6:30 pm


Friday 30th April: Esperinos @ 9:00 am

Friday 30th April: Good Friday Service and Epitaph from 6:30 pm


Saturday 1st May: Esperinos @ 9:15 am

Saturday 1st May: Resurrection service from 11:00 pm


Sunday 2nd May: Esperinos @ 12:30 pm






The Greek Community of Brighton is saddened by the recent loss of its longest serving member and former chairman. He was much loved, highly respected and will never be forgotten by those who loved him and the community and church he served tirelessly and supported passionately for so many years. Please follow the link below and join the Papadamou family in remembering him.

Link to Tribute Page

For a Link to the funeral service, that is due to take place on Wednesday the 2nd December at 11am, please click below:

Link to Funeral Service


Since the beginning of the new school year, the Greek School Committee has invested in refurbishing the facilities of the Greek school. Due to the Covid-19 restrictions parents and members of the community haven’t had the opportunity to see the refurbishment that has been undertaken and we therefore wanted to share some details and photos of all the changes we have made. Not only have we invested in new technology and furniture, but we have also repainted and repaired the classrooms, thereby providing a clean, fresh and safe environment for our students to enjoy. Changes include; new chairs and tables, redocoration, new lighting, upgrade of electrical installations, wi-fi facilities, new notice boards, new whiteboards and a new digital white board. We hope that these improvements will help our students get even more out of their learning experience in the challenging year ahead. We are also hoping that as the year progresses we will beable to resume communal celebration of Greek National and religious holidays, year-end celebrations and cultural activities such as Greek dancing and singing.


The Greek Language School of Brighton re-opened its doors for the new school year on the 3rd October 2020 after a 6 month disruption due to Covid. With several safety measures in place, and our newly appointed headteacher, Marios Demosthenous, we welcomed a record 130 pupils back to our school. We also have expanded the school into the new facility next door, the recently acquired Edward Memorial Hall. Every Saturday there are 7 teaching classes that run from 9am to 12pm, and another 7 from 12:30pm to 15:30 pm. Additional special classes, A-level classes and adult lessons take place on weeknights. Our highly qualified, experienced and dedicated teachers kept our school operational during the previous term by moving all the classes over a digital platform. I am pleased to say that they were able to do this sooner and more effectively that most mainstream schools in Brighton.

On the 10th October our priest, Father Germanos blessed the school’s reopening wishing all the teachers, pupils and parents strength and good health for the year ahead. The ceremony took place outside in the church courtyard, another extraordinary measure due to Covid. We look forward to a productive, successful and safe year ahead.

For any registration enquiries please email Marios at brightongreekschool@outlook.com

In August 2019 the Greek Community of Brighton was saddened by the sudden loss of Andreas Archontidis, beloved husband, father and grandfather to his family, and much respected and cherished president in office of the committee of the Greek Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity in Brighton. He will be dearly missed by all the members of the Hellenic community of Brighton, the children and parents of the Greek School, and everyone else who had any association with our church. Whenever anybody set foot in the church Andrea would bound over to them with enthusiasm and energy, and welcome them warmly with his friendly smile. He always had time for each and every member of the community, and was always prepared to help others. He was immensily  proud of the church and school, and had been a member of the church committee for 20 years. He selflessly devoted so much of his time and energy, and did so with enthusiasm, kindness and friendship. His passing will leave a void in all our hearts and he will be forever remembered with the deepest love and respect.

We would like to thank you, our current community, for your continued support and generosity, below are just a few things we have achieved in the last few years;

  • We are excited to announce that planning permission has now been passed to build our new community hall. This exciting project will produce a 2000 square foot hall space, bar area, kitchen and the possibility for the entire space to be partitioned into smaller conference rooms or additional classrooms. There will also be a two bedroom apartment above allowing our Priest to be onsite.
  • We are in the process of completing external repair works to the front and roof of our Church, hoping to achieve this by February 2018. We have removed two old chimneys and repaired one, covered the outside meters, secured gas cylinders by building a suitable enclosure, fixed the central heating system, installed new security and sound systems, fitted new kitchen units and a burco water boiler.
  • We have done further works to the Vicarage, stripped and re-rendered the complete external building, fitted a new front door, new bathroom fitted, new fences erected, cleared and tidied the garden.
  • We have now paid off the mortgage in full for the Vicarage, paying over 80K in the last 8 years.

We are always in need of people who can spare a little time and would be happy to help our Church, School and Philanthropic Committees. Please contact the relevant department, details below.

Church Committee Members: President Andreas Archontides Vice President Andreas Sparsis Treasurer Zacharias Koullas Secretary Flora Papanicolaou President Greek School Nektarios Makratzakis Adamos Papadamou Zinon Papadamou Emmanuel Lazanakis Michael Stylianou Ilias Triantafyllou Dimitris Karapiperis

Contact us:

  • Archimandrite Germanos Kourkounis Mobile: 07920 177505 Email: gkourkounis@yahoo.gr
  • President Andreas Archontides Mobile: 07855 359898
  • Secretary Flora Papanicolaou-Hood Mobile: 07903 502068 Email: florapapa@gmail.com

We are proud to have over 80 children in our Greek School, a school which is heavily subsidized by our Church, allowing our young children to learn the Greek language and customs. We are pleased to welcome our new Head Teacher Matheus and are forever grateful to our team of Teachers, School Committee Members, PTA and Volunteers who have achieved so much over the years, ensuring our young children progress and flourish.

A statement from our new Head Teacher Matheus

I am really happy for being the head teacher of the Greek School of Brighton and to represent in Brighton the Cyprus Educational Mission that the last 49 years has one aim, to protect the cultural character of the Greek community in UK and to uplift the Greek spirit in our children. Even from my first visit to Brighton I have realised not only how well organised and successful the Greek School is but also the great quality of the people that is consisted of. My target is to ensure progress by keeping an open mind to new suggestions and to beneficial changes. In cooperation with the teachers and the school committee we have managed already to create a secure school environment, improve the teaching conditions and modernise the registration and data systems. On this point, I would like to thank my colleagues, the school committee and its chairman Nectario Makratzakis, Father Germano, the chairman of the church committee and member of the school committee Andrea Archontides who is always next to me and willing to help me with anything I might need and all the parents and children of the Greek School of Brighton for their very warm welcoming. I would like to wish to the Greek Community of Brighton, Happy 50th Anniversary and a prosperous year for our school. Sincerely, Matthaios Venetsanos, Head Teacher of the Greek school of Brighton .

For info on the dates please visit our school’s website www.brightongreekschool.org

This year we celebrate our 50th anniversary of our Church and Greek School.

A message from our Holy Eminence Archbishop Gregorios

“With particular joy and pleasure I extend my best wishes on the occasion of the 50 years anniversary of the Church of The holy Trinity in Brighton. I would like to congratulate all who have contributed their services over the 50 years, both those who have departed and those who are still with us today. All have worked hard and have contributed to the success of the community.

You must all continue to work in a spirit of concord and enthusiasm under the guidance of your priest Archimandrite Germanos Kourkounis and your President Andreas Archontides and the church committee. This will allow you to fulfil purposes for which the community was founded.

I am sure that you will soon be in a position to commence work on your building project for classrooms, accommodation for your priest and other ancillary uses.

I wish you every success with fervent prayers, love and respect in the Lord. I remain yours,”
Our Holy Eminence Gregorios Archbishop of Thyateira and Great Britain

A message from our President, Andreas Archontides,

“I am so proud and honoured to be the President of such an amazing Church and School, I hope to do the title justice. Other presidents before me have laid the way forward. I enjoy the challenge and will work hard to progress and unite our community, together with my Committee I know we can achieve great things for the future. I would like to thank my predecessor Stephen Papadopoulos and his wife Maria for all their hard work and tireless commitment over the many years. I would also like to say a special thank you to our dear Priest Archimandrite Germanos for his contribution and efforts. God bless you all.”

Andreas Archontides, President


Celebrating 50 years of the Greek Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity in Brighton We have many people past and present to thank for where we are today. Our Presidents in order;

  • Zinon Christodoulou, Alethrico
  • George Antoniadis, Kalo Chorio
  • Adamos Christophorou, Avgorou
  • Adamos Mouska, Avgorou
  • Yiannis Stylianou, Thenia
  • Adamos Papadamou, Avgorou
  • Yiannis Stylianou, Thenia
  • Steve Papadopoulos, Lefkara
  • Andreas Archontides, Lemasos (Current)

Our Resident Priests in order;

  • Father Timetheous
  • Father Andreas Ioannides, (Longest serving priest 40 years)
  • Archimindrite Nikodemos
  • Father Julian
  • Father Germanos (Current)

In addition we honour the memory of; Angelo Papadopoulos, Costas Psaras, Marino Tanbaros, Nicos Papanicolaou, Deacon Gregory Atkins and Vassos Christophorou. Father Andreas and Presvidera Anna

So to all of the above named, not forgetting their wives and families we must be thankful and grateful, for without their contribution and commitment we would not have our Church and flourishing Greek School that we now have.