We are proud to have over 80 children in our Greek School, a school which is heavily subsidized by our Church, allowing our young children to learn the Greek language and customs. We are pleased to welcome our new Head Teacher Matheus and are forever grateful to our team of Teachers, School Committee Members, PTA and Volunteers who have achieved so much over the years, ensuring our young children progress and flourish.

A statement from our new Head Teacher Matheus

I am really happy for being the head teacher of the Greek School of Brighton and to represent in Brighton the Cyprus Educational Mission that the last 49 years has one aim, to protect the cultural character of the Greek community in UK and to uplift the Greek spirit in our children. Even from my first visit to Brighton I have realised not only how well organised and successful the Greek School is but also the great quality of the people that is consisted of. My target is to ensure progress by keeping an open mind to new suggestions and to beneficial changes. In cooperation with the teachers and the school committee we have managed already to create a secure school environment, improve the teaching conditions and modernise the registration and data systems. On this point, I would like to thank my colleagues, the school committee and its chairman Nectario Makratzakis, Father Germano, the chairman of the church committee and member of the school committee Andrea Archontides who is always next to me and willing to help me with anything I might need and all the parents and children of the Greek School of Brighton for their very warm welcoming. I would like to wish to the Greek Community of Brighton, Happy 50th Anniversary and a prosperous year for our school. Sincerely, Matthaios Venetsanos, Head Teacher of the Greek school of Brighton .

For info on the dates please visit our school’s website www.brightongreekschool.org

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