We are always in need of people who can spare a little time and would be happy to help our Church, School and Philanthropic Committees. Please contact the relevant department, details below.

Church Committee Members: President Andreas Archontides Vice President Andreas Sparsis Treasurer Zacharias Koullas Secretary Flora Papanicolaou President Greek School Nektarios Makratzakis Adamos Papadamou Zinon Papadamou Emmanuel Lazanakis Michael Stylianou Ilias Triantafyllou Dimitris Karapiperis

Contact us:

  • Archimandrite Germanos Kourkounis Mobile: 07920 177505 Email: gkourkounis@yahoo.gr
  • President Andreas Archontides Mobile: 07855 359898
  • Secretary Flora Papanicolaou-Hood Mobile: 07903 502068 Email: florapapa@gmail.com
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